Change and Challenge 2016-2017

Nademoya was started in 2001. After fifteen odd years, now it's time for change and challenge!

In 2017, with unique backgrounds in IT, Tourism, Publishing, Education and Human Services (Psychology and Mental Health Support Work) industries in three different countries, I would like to continuously share what I have learned through my life to make our lives better for now and the future.

2016-2017 Focus: Make a difference in the Web World

Web Accessibility

The goal is to provide Web Accessibility for everyone with and without disabilities.

We tend to think that Web Accessibility is only for people with disabilities, but I believe it is to provide equal access and equal opportunity to all users including both with and without disabilities.

Web Applications

The goal is to provide Web Applications with Responsive Design (Non-Native), which works for all devices, to make everyday life a little better.

Current Projects: Barrier-free communication, Self Help(Self Improvement), IT Support for seniors etc.

Big Data for Small Businesses

The goal is to provide the information and tools for Small Businesses to understand and use Big Data.

Big Data is not only for big businesses. Big Data and Machine Learning technologies can be used for Online Marketing(Web Marketing, Internet Marketing), Web Development, Internet Advertising and so many other areas for Small Businesses.

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