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A Jack-of-All-Trades for Kiwi businesses targeting Japanese is what I started on the 1st of October, 2001.

Since then, I have met so many wonderful interesting inspiring people and learned so many hard and soft skills. In 2017, I would like to continuously show my appreciation to the people, who supported Nademoya in so many ways, by sharing what I have learned through the projects of Web Accessibility / Web Applications / Big Data for Small Businesses.

  • The Latest Addition:
    Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science(Charter Member) May 2017
  • Google Partners Certifications (All current)
    AdWords Search / AdWords Mobile / AdWords Video / AdWords Display / AdWords Shopping / Google Analytics / Mobile Sites

There is a Japanese proverb, 初心忘るべからず(Shoshin Wasuru Bekarazu), means 'We should not forget our original intention ', so I will leave what I wrote in 2001 about Nademoya below.

About Nademoya... (Written in 2001)

Where to start...

I've been thinking what to write about 'about us'. You can easily make a false world on Internet, but I'd really like to have a true world at least within my site.

Well, here is the truth about us... To be honest with you, actually not about us, but about ME. At the moment, only me, myself is trading as Na-Demo-Ya. I used 'US' throughout the site, because I have an access to Designers Network, so not really alone, and I wanted to give Na-Demo-Ya a room for the future growth. That's a reason for using plural.

Q What is Na-Demo-Ya anyway?

The name, NaDemoYa is not even a Japanese word. I just made it up with a hope; this new word made by me, will become a world recognisable word. The sound is very similar to a Japanese word, Na-N-De-Mo-Ya meaning 'Jack-of-All-Trades' in English. In fact, if you read NaDemoYa in Fijian way, you will pronounce it as NaNDeMoYa.

Q Where am I?

I am in a beautiful garden city, Christchurch in New Zealand. I think New Zealand has a big opportunity to be successful in the global e-Commerce.

Q Who am I?

I am Naoe, a Japanese, living in New Zealand.

BA in Psychology, Japan (Evaluated by NZQA its equivalent for the NZ qualification.)
Major Work Experiences
Tourism Publishing Education
More than 7 years work experiences in the industry in Japan, Fiji and New Zealand!
Specialised in Japanese Tourist Market
Japanese Monthly Papers(Marketing, Planning, shooting, editing and distributing)
Tourist Guidebook
Student handbook
Educational Tour coordinator
Language School counselor

One day, I thought my future success would be with Internet, and then decided to get into the Internet industry.
Quit a job and studied to get a qualification. Just like that!

Additional Qualification
Diploma of Internet Technology, New Zealand
Specialised in the Internet Technology with professional business and people skill through the various work and life experiences.

Q How many languages can I use?

Level Languages
Native Japanese (Standard as I studied how to teach Japanese as a second language, Kansai-dialect and Hiroshima-dialect)
Fluent English, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP(Active Server Pages), SQL
Tourist Action Script, NZ sign language, French, Fijian,
Fijian Indian' Hindi, XML, VB
Greetings Other languages

Q What kind of software can I use?

Type Software
OS Windows95, 98, Me, 2000, NT(Workstation/Server)
Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake and several other distributions)
Web Design Homesite, Dreamweaver, HomepageBuilder, ColdFusion
Graphics Photoshop, Imageready, Flash, Fireworks, Freehand,
Paint Shop Pro
Others MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint)
IIS/DNS/PWS/Apache for Web Hosting)
and heaps of MORE...

Q What is my interest?

Travelling, Bungy jumping, Sky diving, White water rafting, reading and writing books, playing the piano, watching movies, playing tennis, driving, people and computing

Q Why me?

7 reasons I could be a little better than others as an English/Japanese web specialist


  1. I am a bilingual - Japanese (Native) and English (Fluent).
  2. I am a very quick learner for new computer technologies, programming languages and skills required.
  3. I am a fast worker and typist. (60 WPM except special characters and numbers.)
  4. of my uniqueness from various work experiences and studies.
  5. I was inspired by people whomever I've met in my life.
  6. I enjoy my work even in difficulty.
  7. It's me and I am what I am.

Q What can I do for you?

Actually, I don't know unless you tell me what you need or what kind of services you are looking for. I will try to offer personalised eMarketing/Web Development services at an affordable price with priceless unique ideas for your business, but first, tell me what you/your business need, please.

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